Anita Roelz

131 Anita Roelz
Circle Stone Designs
Woolwich, ME 04579

I am a metalsmith that creates an authentic style of hand forged jewelry for both men and women. My designs are elemental in structure with textures I create from my hand and hammers used on an antique anvil. Each piece carries with it characteristics of my unique patterns that are reminiscent of natural inspiration. I utilize all recycled materials, silver, gold, copper & brass in my work. I incorporate natural Maine coastal beach stones in some of my work, drilling simple holes to accommodate their structure, these carry with them the simplicity of the coast and energy of the ocean. Along with the patterns each piece is complimented by an oxidized finish and hand polish for the final soft touch for each creation. My work is designed for both men & women and intended to be worn everyday and everywhere. Simple organic structures with rugged urban quality are suitable for daily wear or as sculptural pieces that stand on their own. Each creation is substantial not flimsy or delicate but centered on the premise that daily energy can be drawn from each piece. Wear them proudly and feel the energy!

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