Cathy Heinz

Cathy Heinz Designs

Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110

I want my jewelry to be fresh, interesting, beautifully crafted, and unique: a reflection of my personal desire to continually learn and grow as an artist. Because I constantly seek out new skills and techniques, my body of work is always evolving with new designs and materials. Influences include nature, the universe, and architecture, but I feel that my jewelry has a modern aesthetic that still retains a feminine, timeless quality. Inspiration can come from anywhere – a museum exhibition, an elm seed from my front yard, a happy accident at the bench, or a lovely gem. My designs are clean, minimalist, and technically excellent: the elegant solution. Every piece is designed and handcrafted in my studio on the coast of Maine. This past year I have expanded upon the Cosmos Collection, which began with a few designs symbolizing orbits, stars and the planets. I like the idea of the infinite possibilities of the universe and the movement of bodies within it – sources of inspiration perfect for jewelry design. The hallmark of each design in this collection is the contrast of textured and matte surfaces with light and dark metals and sparkling gemstones and pearls – modern and sleek, yet beautifully feminine. A signature style of my work is my use of mixed metals, particularly gold and silver. I produce my work using the time-honored metalsmithing techniques taught to me in my formal training at the Maine College of Art. I am a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the Maine Crafts Guild, and the Maine Crafts Association. Jewelry was my hobby, not my work, for a long time. I spent a number of years in the Information Technology field, first as a computer programmer and then as a manager of software development at L.L. Bean. I also owned a high-tech recruitment firm for a while. But then the lure of jewelry-making came back. I started with metalsmithing classes at the Maine College of Art and then studied under such gifted artists as Pauline Warg, Kate Wolf, Jayne Redman, and Blaine Lewis. Owning a jewelry design firm has been a culmination of all that my previous work has taught me – organization, management, design work, attention to detail, customer service, and the desire to produce lasting, heirloom-quality work.