Mark Guido

Timberstone Rustic Arts

166 Acadia Hwy Montville, ME 04941

Mark Guido~Stone artist and twig furniture maker

I love a lot of things… like the beauty of Maine stone and the feeling I get while on the beaches and in the forests of Maine. The shapes and forms I see inspire me to create my line of natural stone products and Rustic furniture.
I love my two sons, Ben and Blaine who help me create our line of beautiful natural products. Together, we gather the natural material with which we make our stone and twig products.
My favorite materials are: natural Maine stone~ Twigs from the forest ~Handmade lampshade papers~ Bronze and copper fasteners~ Stainless steel
I love creating graceful and useful products for your home, office and gardens. These items are carefully crafted and will last for generations to come. Thank you for visiting our site and Enjoy our products!