Stephani Briggs

Stephani Briggs/Fine Jeweler
104 Main Street Box 1462
Blue Hill, ME 04614
207 775-6244

I am a luxury jeweler, creating one-of-a-kind and bespoke jewelry that transforms into intimate objects of engagement, a true maker of experiences. Fusing time honored technique with a distinct vision of beauty, I focus on selecting extraordinary stones of rare quality. Each piece is imbued with a unique story that forms a timeless connection with the wearer. Honoring traditional construction and hand-brushed finishing, the quality of the precious materials is reflected in every piece. The final forms are instilled with beauty and meaning with the focus of each piece becoming an object of engagement with the world. Thereby creating meaningful experiences for the wearer time and time again.

Chaya Caron

Chaya Studio
PO Box 15009
Portland, ME 04112
207 221-6552

I draw inspiration from my love of nature and Japanese minimalism to create sweet, functional, up-cycled fine jewelry. The modern yet elegant details are intended to expose the essence of the subject, such as the grace of a bird or the posture of a flower. I use a palette of clean lines, light and shadow manipulation to achieve designs that embrace a mix of urban freshness, natural curves and sustainable materials.

Rosemarie DiLernia & Chris Banikiotes

Hand Knotted Jewelry & Watchbands
PO Box 171
Brooks, ME 04921
207 722-3281

We have been tying knots professionally, since 1976 and have by invitation or application, participated in only the finest, juried craft shows in Maine as well as other highly regarded shows throughout the country.
The form of our pieces is created solely by hand knotting fine threads of linen or bonded nylon to form necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watchbands. The semi precious stones we use are drilled, mounted in knot work, using no adhesive.
We, alone, work and complete every aspect of our jewelry pieces. Our designs are unique and appeal to all ages.

Patricia Daunis-Dunning

Daunis Fine Handmade Jewelry
616 Congress St.
Portland, ME 04101

Daunis designs are “Made in Maine, Worn Around the World”. Created in our Portland we use the fine metals of gold, platinum, palladium and sterling alone or in combination with fine gems and diamonds. Our designs bridge the expanse between fine art sculpture and well thought out designer jewelry. (You might also find a piece made of vinyl record shards set like jewels, a white gold neckpiece with inserts of Dove chocolate wrappers for the proper red color, beach rocks set with colored diamonds and linked together with 18k gold, or even wrought iron links set with black diamonds and 18k gold) Our designs embrace the curves and waves of the ocean and the way light dances over moving water creating a flow. Our pieces have the passion found in fine works of art and yet are finely engineered for wear-ability. The patterned, woven pieces have the human touch of the thumbprint of the artist. All are elegantly, designed with the intent to complement the person wearing the jewelry. Rhode Island School of Design graduates, we have been honored with these selected national awards: MJSA’s American Vision Awards, 1st & 2nd place for Custom Design of Distinction; DeBeer’s “Diamonds Today” Award; Jewelers of America, “Jewel Award”; Grand Prize and First Prize, Intergold/World Gold Council; First Prize, Gold & First Prize, Silver, Accent Magazine; Excellence in Jewelry Award, American Craft Expo. Daunis works have been included in exhibitions at: twice at Museum of American Crafts, NYC, University of Arizona Museum, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA and included innumerous publications. You are invited to visit our showroom and studio in Portland.

Lisa Gent

Handcrafted Jewelry
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

For over 25 years I have made my home in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The natural beauty that surrounds me is inspiration not only to my work but my being as well. I love color, form and texture which all plays an integral role in my work. Whether it is the full green leaves of the trees against a vivid blue summer sky or the setting winter sun, with its’ violets and blues against the bare black winter branches. Maybe the crashing waves and the smell of the ocean, a caterpillars amazing stripes or the wonder of a new spring day. It all feeds into who I am and what inspires me to create. I strive to create pieces that are simple yet intriguing to look at and that will stand the test of time. People have been wearing jewelry since the beginning of time. Jewelry can offer us distinction and help to create a sense of self. The handcrafted aspect of jewelry breathes life and character into any piece of work. Seeing the marks a jeweler leaves behind reminds us that someone took the time, they had intentions when the piece of jewelry was being created. This makes the piece real. Taking my cue from nature I strive to create work that is organic and beckons to be worn. Jewelry that is timeless while being current.

Lisa Grant

Lisa Jane Grant Jewelry Design
Cumberland, ME 04021
207 829-3953

Many things in my life depict movement. Born in Canada, I currently live in Maine following many moves and travel opportunities. My experiences with solo travel to developing countries have helped shape my life in ways in which I will always be thankful.

My designs are named after places where I have spent time and that have left a personal impression. In my mind, the flowing patterns of mokume allude to the contrasts and similarities amongst cultures and the continuity of motion that presents itself when in an unknown place.

I create the mokume in my studio where I choose to use a very open patterning technique, as opposed to the tighter patterns of more traditional mokume.

My jewelry is comprised of unadorned, contemporary constructs that allow the unique mokume patterns to be the focal point.