Heather Kerner

Spiralworks Fiber Studio
70 Pinnacle Rd.
Canaan, ME 04924
207 474-6519



We enjoy a rural family life here in Canaan, centered on balancing two full-time working parents with child-rearing with our 2 young sons, appreciating the land that we inhabit, growing much of our own meat, fruit, and vegetables, as well as indulging in the spaciousness of creativity. It is a rich life and we earn our rest at the end of a craft show weekend or a day of farming! Wool fiber has been my medium of choice for 13 years, both for leisure time knitting and for professional felt-making. I minored in the studio arts at the University of New Hampshire, and enjoyed advanced training with instructors from around the world at the American Felter’s Flings 2003, 2005, and 2013. My handmade textiles and woolen vessels are made using the traditional wet rolling technique, making our rural setting perfect for taking the drips outside on the porch while we watch the deer and wild turkeys! Since moving to Canaan in 2006, I have incorporated leather into my work, inspired by the tannery in Hartland, Maine. I continue to fashion exquisite handbags to frame my wool textiles. The result is rich in color, organic in texture, durable, and earthy.

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