Michele Stivaletta

Michele Stivaletta Jewelry Designer
94 Littlefield Road
Wells, ME 04090
207 646-5357

Growing up in coastal Maine my fascination in making jewelry, using precious metals and stones started at an early age. I enjoy creating jewelry that captures the imagination, in exploring people’s experience or expressions of joy.

As an artist my interest is in sharing a connection with the wearer inspired from a feeling of love, a memory shared, drawn by my surroundings here in Maine or from an expression of gratitude for living.

The Maine Charm bracelet was designed to capture the splendor of Maine.

The Wave Hoop earring and wave series are inspired from the rhythm of the ocean.

The appealing shape and symbolism of the heart was the stimulus in creating the Heart Charm line of jewelry to celebrate any occasion that expresses love and sincerity.

Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted, carefully, created for your enjoyment.

A treasure for all of life’s celebrations

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