Excellence in Fine Crafts since 1975

The Maine Crafts Guild is dedicated to excellence in craft. We promote understanding and appreciation for quality craftsmanship as an art form and a way of life to the people of Maine and our many visitors. We represent the finest Maine artisans, providing high quality promotional and marketing opportunities for our professional members through our web presence, our highly regarded craft shows, and our outreach programs.

Here you will find works of the heart, mind, and hand—all from an extraordinary group of craftspeople who are dedicated to their chosen craft. The artisans of the Guild carry on the time-honored traditions of craftsmanship; their commitment to excellence and the skill in their hands creates beautiful work that enriches all our lives.

As you browse our member pages, you will find the work of professional artisans whose craft transcends the ordinary; whose dedication, skill and vision is evident in the spirit and joy of their work. Visit the studios, farms, galleries, and shops where our members’ handcrafted objects of lasting value await your discovery.

The Guild serves its professional members and is run by and for them. Dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship, our organization promotes the career development of its members by operating retail shows, publishing an annual brochure, advertising throughout New England, and initiating other useful projects. The Guild also serves as a liaison between its membership and other cultural and educational organizations throughout the state.

The Guild shows are renowned for their consistent high quality; a standard achieved through a comprehensive jury system for professional membership. Members accepted by the jury are eligible to exhibit at any Guild show, and are members for life.

We are currently in discussion with the Maine Crafts Association about a possible merger of our organizations for the benefit of all Maine craft artists.  You can read more about that process of Looking to the Future here.

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