Jody Johnstone

Jody Johnstone Pottery
135 Webster Rd.
Swanville, ME 04915
207 338-5314

Anagama Fired Stoneware
I fire all of my work in a 24-foot long Anagama tunnel kiln, which I designed and constructed in Swanville, Maine in 1996 – 1997. The design of the kiln is based loosely on the type of kiln which has been used in Korea and Japan for over 1000 years. I studied ceramics in Bizen, Japan through an apprenticeship with National Living Treasure, Jun Isezaki. The kiln hold approximately 800 pieces and I fire the kiln twice a year.
The kiln is stoked with wood 24 hours a day by a crew of four for eight days. Most of the pots are loaded into the kiln unglazed. The unique surfaces of the pots are a result of the interaction of the clay, the path of the flame as it makes its way through the stacks of the strong cross-draft kiln, and the accumulated and melted wood ash. Results are controllable only to a point. My expectations and predictions are sometimes fulfilled, but sometimes wildly surpassed. Each pot is unique, telling its own story of where and how it was fired.

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