June 2019

The Maine Crafts Guild and the Maine Crafts Association are working to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.
We continue to make progress on bringing our two organizations together.  The feedback from both members of MCG and MCA as well as the general public has been positive and supportive. As always, we encourage you to reach out to any Transition Team member with feedback; we report this feedback at every meeting.
On June 4th we had our third transition team meeting in Portland.  
At this recent meeting much of our work focused on legal/administrative issues and marketing and followed up on the work of several sub-committees.
Topics included:

  • Reviewing and finalizing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)
  • Updates to MCA bylaws 
  • Reviewing current technology and financial systems from each org 
  • Applying for grant funding to support the transition and 2020 needs
  • Designing a printed information card about the merging of MCA & MCG
  • Developing and delegating the MCA/MCG information booth for the 2019 show season
  • Reviewed current show signage and how to transition to 2020
  • Reviewed current show trailer logistics and how to transition into 2020
  • Planned for press releases and continued marketing plan for 2019 into 2020

We confirmed two pieces of the plan:

  1. The new name of the current MCG shows once under MCA management:

As a group of shows, not including MCA’s current Portland Fine Craft Show they will be called: Guild Fine Craft Shows, and individually: Guild Fine Craft Show: Town Name

  1. The 2019 Master Craft Artist Award presentation, honoring Tom Ferrero, will be held at the MCG Belfast show preview party August 16; this will be a joint effort sharing resources and audiences.

At our next meeting we will dedicate time to developing a comprehensive timeline and “to do” list to fully establish and accomplish the needs ahead of us.
As always, we thank you for your support during this process.


Lisa Gent – MCG President

Tyler Gulden – MCA President

MCG & MCG Transition Team

May 2019

MCA & MCG Transition Update May 2019
As you know, the Maine Crafts Association and Maine Crafts Guild are working to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single Maine craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.

On April 30, 2019 we had our second transition team meeting in Portland. We continue to be moving forward in a positive and productive direction.  Below you will find an overview of that meeting including an update as to where we are at and what is currently happening.
The subgroups focusing on previously identified tasks reported on discussions and information collected since the committee’s first meeting  

  • Vision Statement was created to guide the process of bringing MCG and MCA together:The Maine Crafts Guild and the Maine Crafts Association are working collaboratively to create one statewide craft organization.  Building on the strengths of each organization we will combine resources while maintaining the history and legacy of each group to better serve the needs of our members and promote craft throughout the state of Maine.
  • Reading material and resources related to best practices for merging organizations were shared
  • Membership and Jury team met to discuss integration of a Guild level membership and jury process into MCA’s existing membership structure beginning 2020
  • Board, Leadership and Bylaws team identified MCA bylaw amendments to be considered at the time of the merge; Transition Team is in agreement on adding a Standards Committee to MCA board committee structure
  • Communication, Marketing and Culture team is finalizing plans for a social gathering/event connected to the Maine Crafts Guild’s Belfast show in August 2019
  • Ongoing tasks:
    •  determine name of future Guild craft show series (2020 and beyond)
    • identify organizational and bylaw changes as needed
  • New items the Committee identified:
    • have MCA/MCG booths at each Maine Crafts Guild show during the 2019 season
    • develop a Tech team to address website and online jury process integration
    • assess craft show signage and branding and create timeline to make changes
  • Additionally, the Team agreed to offer FREE admission to all current MCA members to the 2019 MGC Fine Craft Shows in 2019. Simply sign-in as an MCA member at the registration desk at the show.

As always, thank you for your support during this process.


Lisa Gent, MCG President

Tyler Gulden, MCA PresidentMCG & MCA Transition Team
Useful links:Maine Crafts Association: www.mainecrafts.org
Maine Crafts Guild:www.mainecraftsguild.com
Maine Crafts Guild Membership: 
Maine Crafts Guild 2019 Shows:https://www.mainecraftsguild.com/fine-craft-shows/

Transition Team Contact Information:
Tyler Gulden: tyler.gulden@yahoo.comLisa Evans: lbevans220@gmail.comLisa Gent: lisa@lisagent.comTom Dahlke: dahlketom@gmail.comHillary Hutton: hutton@huttonstudios.comSuanne Williams-Lindgren: swlsparcove@gmail.comSadie Bliss: sadie@mainecrafts.org

April 2019

MCA + MCG Transition Update April 2019

On April 2, 2019 we had our first official transition team meeting in Portland. This team consists of 3 MCG board members, 2 MCA board members plus the MCA executive director and a facilitator. We had a very productive meeting as we began to lay out the framework for bringing these two organizations together to better serve the needs of Maine craft artists statewide. It became clear that while there are many, many details to work through we are all in agreement on the common goals and outcomes to achieve by 2020.

We created several subgroups to begin working on specific tasks:

  • Vision Statement to guide the process going forward
  • Communication, Culture and Marketing
  • Membership and Jury
  • Board, Leadership and By-Laws
  • Staff Roles and Impact
  • Legal, Financial and Physical Assets

Members from both organizations will be focusing on these subgroups in the coming months. To maintain transparency, you will continue to receive updates like this one; MCA and MCG board presidents, Tyler Gulden and Lisa Gent will communicate meeting summaries and transition progress to both memberships within one week of each meeting.

Merger Plan 2018

What we have already accomplished:
Lisa Gent has been voted onto the MCA Board of Directors beginning in September 2019; two more MCG members will be added in 2020;
In 2019, the MCG shows will run, managed by MCG exactly as they did in 2018 and years prior. MCG has hired Lizz Berry to be the show coordinator of all four shows. Lizz is a current part-time MCA employee, she will fulfill her role as “Show-Co” independent from MCA but act as a bridge between the two organizations. It is likely that in 2020 Lizz will continue in this role, but as an MCA employee.
MCG and MCA membership will remain independent during the 2019 calendar year and join as one beginning in 2020. Current, juried MCG members will have automatic entry into the 2020 shows and future shows. If you join MCG in 2019 you will be part of this group. (It is not determined yet if the auto entry will apply to the MCA only current show, the Portland Fine Craft Show).

Jointly, we have the highest hopes and expectations of a smooth, transparent and thoughtful transition. It is our intention to keep both memberships updated throughout the year of our progress. If you have questions, comments or concerns about the process you are invited to contact anyone on the team. Your input will be shared with the rest of the team and taken into consideration.

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