Betsy Levine

Prescott Hill Pottery
261 Prescott Hill Rd.
Liberty, ME 04949
207 589-3399

I make useful pots (tableware, storage jars and vases) as well as evocative vessels and forms in high-fire stoneware and porcelain. I built my gas-fired soda kiln and make my own glazes from fundamental earth materials and wood ash. I also fire with other potters in wood or salt atmospheres.
For me, making pots is an exploration of our relationship with physical objects that are experienced daily through sight, touch, emotion. It’s about grounding the spark of creative intention in partnership with the elements of earth, water, fire and air. The simplicity and beauty of classic forms pulled from the earth and marked by the symbols and textures of the hand expresses spirit in a language as ancient as the first pots.
The pots are fired to cone 10 (2350 °F). Unless specially noted, you can assume that they are vitreous, food-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. Treat them well, and do not shock or drop them, and they should give many years of pleasurable service.

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