Rocky Mann

Rocky Mann / Studio Potter
38 Breakneck Road
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207 288-5478

In the spring of 1966, the father of my best friend invited me to sit at his potter’s wheel. On that day I fell in love with clay and the potter’s life. After art school and a short apprenticeship in Denmark, I set up my own studio in Maine in 1971, the heyday of the American Crafts movement. For twenty years I made pots, went to trade shows and sold my work through galleries in the US and Japan. Eventually I burned out and lost the joy of working with clay. I felt I was just repeating pots to satisfy the wholesale market. I quit for five years. In 1996, after building a new house and studio, I returned to clay and promised myself that, above all, I would have fun.
My work now revolves around using clay as a canvas. I spend 30% of my time making the pots and 70% of my time decorating them. I use images from nature to create graphic patterns and themes on the pottery. No two pieces are alike. The images are always changing as I refine them. And I am having fun.

George Pearlman

George Pearlman Pottery
1012 River Road
St. George, ME 04860
207 372-9671

I am a good man who has been making one of a kind pots for thirty years. I live in rural Maine and the abundance of forests and gardens has burst into my work in the most wonderful way in the last three years. I always strive to go deeper with each piece in both form and surface.

Robert and Ginny Santerre

Arrowsic Island Pottery
344 Old Stage Road Arrowsic, ME 04530
207 443-5858

People and life seem to be filled with incongruities – our American fascination with guns contrasting our desires for “total safety”, a need to hang onto “old”, but beloved heirlooms while surrounding ourselves with the latest, greatest gadgetry, our love of nature and our relentless efforts to trash it with our humanity. For me, clay is a very enjoyable, plastic and expressive medium providing a vehicle through which I can best bring sharp focus to the incongruities in my life. I do what I have to do. Hopefully others can enjoy the work as it reflects their own experience.