Jodie Aragona

Aragona Designs
PO BOX 194
Stratton, ME 04982
207 460-2120

I create jewelry that transcends the ordinary composed of precious metals and gemstones and or beach glass. Please visit to purchase my work online. Thank you very much for your interest in my work and my guild.
Jodie Aragona
Aragona Designs

Judith Blank

Judith’s Handweaving
189 Norway Drive
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

I weave one-of-a-kind rag rugs in cotton & wool which are expressions of the colors which have meaning for me. All my rugs are machine washable, useful in everyday life. I sell all my work so I can meet my customer face to face.

Raymond Carbone

Raymond Carbone, Sculptor
460 Pigeon Hill Rd.
Steuben, ME 046802
207 546-2170

Skills learned during 30 years of woodwork and stonework converge in my sculpture. The tidal zone and its rhythm is my dooryard. My work continues to evolve and is influenced by the rich environment surrounding me.

Elizabeth Coakley

Mermaid Woolens
34 Reach Road
Sedgwick, ME 04676
207 359-2747

Through fiber texture, color and design i try to create a wearable painting. By using abstract design and realistic representation i can have a dialogue within the knitted sweater, hat or mittens. Winter becomes a celebration, and an adventure when i am working with fibers.

Ron King

13 Faerie Kingdom Road
Penobscot , ME 04476
207 326-8287

I have been weaving all my adult life. I have come to believe that being a weaving is why I am here. I have always seen myself as a designer of functional textiles. I want to make products that people use in their daily lives as body adornment or other functional uses. I have always been interested in the complexities of woven textiles, the interplay of fibers and threads to create patterns, textures, and movement.

Rocky Mann

Rocky Mann / Studio Potter
38 Breakneck Road
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207 288-5478

In the spring of 1966, the father of my best friend invited me to sit at his potter’s wheel. On that day I fell in love with clay and the potter’s life. After art school and a short apprenticeship in Denmark, I set up my own studio in Maine in 1971, the heyday of the American Crafts movement. For twenty years I made pots, went to trade shows and sold my work through galleries in the US and Japan. Eventually I burned out and lost the joy of working with clay. I felt I was just repeating pots to satisfy the wholesale market. I quit for five years. In 1996, after building a new house and studio, I returned to clay and promised myself that, above all, I would have fun.
My work now revolves around using clay as a canvas. I spend 30% of my time making the pots and 70% of my time decorating them. I use images from nature to create graphic patterns and themes on the pottery. No two pieces are alike. The images are always changing as I refine them. And I am having fun.

Melissa Mattes

Crow’s Wool
Sedgwick, ME 04676

I grew up in the Philadelphia area in a family of artists. While I appreciated the oil paintings, photographs, sketches, and writings all around me, I was always more comfortable with scissors, needles, thread, yarn, and fabric than with pen or paintbrush. My move to Maine in 1996 was in part due to my dream of having a sheep farm and working with the wool to continue my fiber exploration.
In 2003 I met a local artist, Susan Barrett Merrill, who happens to be a wool guru. Through working with Susan, I learned the ancient art of wet felting along with a bit of dyeing. I now use organic dyes to hand dye Maine Nash Island wool into the colors I see around me in our beautiful rural landscape. I hand felt objects and fiber art in my studio on the coast of Maine, making my work available in fine craft shows and galleries.

Jennifer Miller

Miller quilt

Undercover Concepts
47 Wood Run
Lamoine, ME 04605
207 664-0839

I make colorful quilts, ladies’ clothing and other sewn items ( purses, placemats, dolls, and doll clothes) from 100% cotton fabrics. I specialize in using Cotton Batiks from India and Indonesia. Some of my pieces also incorporate silks.
Besides using a few traditional quilt patterns most of my designs I draw myself. The majority of my work features wild flowers and fish. They are bright and cheerful and many are embellished with gemstones and beads. I try to use natural finds, if possible.
I was born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up on Long Island and have lived in Maine most of my adult life. I prefer the quiet and peace of living near the ocean.

Paul Monfredo & Nancy McCormick

Monfredo McCormick
3 Barr Hill Way
PO Box 121
Seal Harbor, ME 04675
207 276-4239

Paul Monfredo began learning the technique of water gilding more than twenty-five years ago. It is an ancient technique using the same materials and methods today as hundreds of years ago. First the wooden structure of the frame is built and carved, if required. Then gesso, which is made from animal skin glue and whiting (ground chalk), is gradually applied, producing a hard, evenly smooth layer. Red, black, blue, or yellow clay or bole is painted on the smoothed gesso surface. 23kt gold leaf is then applied with a gilder’s tip, a thin, flat brush. The gold may then be burnished with an agate stone, or rubbed and antiqued, depending on the desired finish. If the frame is to be painted, Nancy will have incised the design into the gesso surface before it is gilded. After the gilding process is complete, the egg tempera is painted on in many layers, one color over another, each layer adding to the next.