Judith Blank

Judith’s Handweaving
189 Norway Drive
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

I weave one-of-a-kind rag rugs in cotton & wool which are expressions of the colors which have meaning for me. All my rugs are machine washable, useful in everyday life. I sell all my work so I can meet my customer face to face.

Elizabeth Coakley

Mermaid Woolens
34 Reach Road
Sedgwick, ME 04676
207 359-2747

Through fiber texture, color and design i try to create a wearable painting. By using abstract design and realistic representation i can have a dialogue within the knitted sweater, hat or mittens. Winter becomes a celebration, and an adventure when i am working with fibers.

Stephanie Crossman

Gram J’s Nets
P.O. Box 762
Vinalhaven, ME 04863
207 863-4567

Using the ancient skill of fishnetting, I create bags, purses, shawls and 3 dimensional sculptures from handmade netting of various fibers. I use antique tools passed down to me from my husband’s great-grandmother who taught me the traditional method. Bringing netting into contemporary art has been an interesting journey. My original 3 D designs are transformed into “frozen” sculptures in a method I devised and then are displayed in shadowboxes. They are signed and numbered. They have taken me to the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, DC. The challenge continues to keep netting alive and fresh for generations to come.

Rosemarie DiLernia & Chris Banikiotes

Hand Knotted Jewelry & Watchbands
PO Box 171
Brooks, ME 04921
207 722-3281

We have been tying knots professionally, since 1976 and have by invitation or application, participated in only the finest, juried craft shows in Maine as well as other highly regarded shows throughout the country.
The form of our pieces is created solely by hand knotting fine threads of linen or bonded nylon to form necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watchbands. The semi precious stones we use are drilled, mounted in knot work, using no adhesive.
We, alone, work and complete every aspect of our jewelry pieces. Our designs are unique and appeal to all ages.

Hillary Hutton

Hutton Handwovens
277 Tower Rd
Vienna, ME 04360
207 293-3686

I weave one of a kind cotton Rag Rugs. The general theme is nature. Colors are selected that represent natural elements, and are grouped, then arranged to create a sense of movement or mood. My design elements visually blend into one another, and this has become my signature look. To custom order color or sizes go to my website for instructions: http://www.huttonstudios.com/huttonhandwovens/ I also show my limited edition womenโ€™s cotton tops at the Maine Crafts Guild shows. They are hand dyed 100% cotton, available in four sizes. Only available at shows.

Janice Jones

Jones Limited
21 Middle Road
Bradford, ME 04410


Designing and weaving textiles for clothing and the home has been my passion since 1970. Watching yarn transform into fabric before my eyes is thrilling. My work has always been equally functional and visually exciting. Creating everyday items, I have focused my attention on the interplay of colors and patterns in woven fabric.