Cathy Heinz

Cathy Heinz Designs
Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110


I want my jewelry to be fresh, interesting, beautifully crafted, and unique: a reflection of my personal desire to continually learn and grow as an artist. Because I constantly seek out new skills and techniques, my body of work is always evolving with new designs and materials. Influences include nature, the universe, and architecture, but I feel that my jewelry has a modern aesthetic that still retains a feminine, timeless quality. Inspiration can come from anywhere – a museum exhibition, an elm seed from my front yard, a happy accident at the bench, or a lovely gem. My designs are clean, minimalist, and technically excellent: the elegant solution. Every piece is designed and handcrafted in my studio on the coast of Maine. This past year I have expanded upon the Cosmos Collection, which began with a few designs symbolizing orbits, stars and the planets. I like the idea of the infinite possibilities of the universe and the movement of bodies within it – sources of inspiration perfect for jewelry design. The hallmark of each design in this collection is the contrast of textured and matte surfaces with light and dark metals and sparkling gemstones and pearls – modern and sleek, yet beautifully feminine. A signature style of my work is my use of mixed metals, particularly gold and silver. I produce my work using the time-honored metalsmithing techniques taught to me in my formal training at the Maine College of Art. I am a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, the Maine Crafts Guild, and the Maine Crafts Association. Jewelry was my hobby, not my work, for a long time. I spent a number of years in the Information Technology field, first as a computer programmer and then as a manager of software development at L.L. Bean. I also owned a high-tech recruitment firm for a while. But then the lure of jewelry-making came back. I started with metalsmithing classes at the Maine College of Art and then studied under such gifted artists as Pauline Warg, Kate Wolf, Jayne Redman, and Blaine Lewis. Owning a jewelry design firm has been a culmination of all that my previous work has taught me – organization, management, design work, attention to detail, customer service, and the desire to produce lasting, heirloom-quality work.


Michelle Henning

Henning Porcelain
1686 Harpswell Neck Rd.
Harpswell, ME 04079
207 833-5556


I’ve been working in porcelain since 1991; I’m primarily a self-taught hand-builder. Using porcelain clay, I sculpt jewelry and free-standing curio pieces.

The work is influenced by the amorphous, organic flow of myth, and conversely, by structured, geometric, natural forms.

The creation process includes the use of hand-tools, polychrome slips and underglazes. I use a clear glaze and lusters to enhance textures. The porcelain clay is fired to cone 10 or 11 in an oxidation kiln.


Pamela Hitchcock

Pamela Hitchcock Goldsmith
Belfast, ME 04496

My jewelry is handmade in every sense, individually crafted of 18 karat gold and sterling silver. Each piece is worked by my hands alone, from concept to finish, one piece at a time. Great care is given to detail, resulting in work that is both personal and impeccable. My designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural surroundings in which I live and work. I take great pride in my work and am happy to share it with you.

Christine Peters

Christine Peters Jewelry
PO Box 971
Damariscotta ME 04543

I create my jewelry as small scale sculptures. Not only are the objects beautiful to look at, they are also very comfortable and easy to wear. I have been inspired by my love of nature and living in Maine surrounded by my gardens and encircled by the woods–I translate that love and inspiration into my one of a kind jewelry. I design and create elements and textures which I abstract and simplify the shapes to use over again within a series playing with different finishes and components for unique looks. My designs are classic and simple, yet modern and strong. Each piece is created deliberately–intentionally and reinforced through the process of making.

Heather Murray

Heather Murray – Jeweler
PO Box 344
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207 288-9711

Heather’s interest in the craft of making jewelry began in 1992 in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina when she enrolled in an intensive course at the Penland School of Crafts. After graduating from the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor in 1995, Heather attended several jewelry workshops at the renowned Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in nearby Deer Isle, Maine. She then worked for many years as a bench jeweler for Lisa Hall, a prominent Mount Desert Island artist. Each of these experiences provided invaluable opportunities for Heather to develop and refine her jewelry-making skills and they influence the inventive designs she produces today.

Heather Murray ~ Jeweler is founded on the philosophy of personal adornment as a means to express the wearer’s individuality and enhance their spirit. Heather’s passion for yoga and the natural world infuse each piece with this intention.

Jennifer Nielsen

Jennifer Nielsen Hand-Crafted Jewelry
Running With Scissors Studios and Gallery
250 Anderson Street
Portland, ME 04101
207 799-3460

Designing one-of-a-kind Beach Stone jewelry since 1996. Specializing in Wedding jewelry and Custom work using your special stones and ethically sourced, Earth Friendly materials, Jennifer Nielsen is an artist who works in metal, plays in stone, dreams in jewelry, and finds joy in all three. A trained metalsmith who has studied under some of the most talented craftspeople in the medium, she transformed her love of rocks and minerals into a profession that elevates uncommon beach pebbles to a place that showcases their natural allure.

At low tide, Jennifer carefully selects each stone for its unique color, texture, size, and shape at pebble-strewn coasts of Portland, Maine. It’s a necessary and meditative part of her craft that offers an opportunity to get outside and connect with the natural world as often as the New England weather allows. Back in her studio, Jen lets the stones dictate their arrangement – alone or clustered, sterling silver or 18K gold, ring or brooch.

Jennifer has a special kinship with “rock picker-uppers” – people who come home with stones and pebbles in their pockets from walks, beach trips, and world travels. Her custom creations turn their gathered treasures into beautiful, wearable memories for a wedding, an anniversary, or just because. Her studio’s deeply rooted social and environmental ethics mean customers are not only investing in the works of a talented craftswoman, they are supporting an artist who shares their core beliefs.

Elizabeth Nowers 

Elizabeth Nowers Contemporary Jewelry
PO Box 231
Kittery, ME 03904
207 439-7587

Fine handcrafted jewelry in silver and gold, including many pieces which make use of wonderful natural beach stones from her local beaches in Maine. Elizabeth is drawn to forms that are simple, sophisticated, and bold and which impart a clean, elegant look and a contemporary style to her work. All of the work is made entirely by hand, beginning with flat sheet and wire which is transformed through sawing, forging, and soldering into classic, timeless pieces of jewelry. Each piece is signed by the artist and is individually handcrafted at her studio in the coastal town of Kittery.

Wholesale inquiries are welcome. A catalog is available on request.

Anita Roelz

Circle Stone Designs
Woolwich, ME 04579

I am a metalsmith that creates an authentic style of hand forged jewelry for both men and women. My designs are elemental in structure with textures I create from my hand and hammers used on an antique anvil. Each piece carries with it characteristics of my unique patterns that are reminiscent of natural inspiration. I utilize all recycled materials, silver, gold, copper & brass in my work. I incorporate natural Maine coastal beach stones in some of my work, drilling simple holes to accommodate their structure, these carry with them the simplicity of the coast and energy of the ocean. Along with the patterns each piece is complimented by an oxidized finish and hand polish for the final soft touch for each creation. My work is designed for both men & women and intended to be worn everyday and everywhere. Simple organic structures with rugged urban quality are suitable for daily wear or as sculptural pieces that stand on their own. Each creation is substantial not flimsy or delicate but centered on the premise that daily energy can be drawn from each piece. Wear them proudly and feel the energy!




Michele Stivaletta

Michele Stivaletta Jewelry Designer
94 Littlefield Road
Wells, ME 04090
207 646-5357

Michele’s fascination in creating jewelry is inspired by working with precious metals, stones, and pearls. As an artist, she enjoys creating connections with her customers by providing them with pieces that represent an expression of love, a memory, a celebration, one of life’s experiences, or a visit to our beautiful state of Maine. Living in a coastal town, Michele drew her inspiration from the rhythm of the ocean to create her Wave series. Using a hand forging technique, Michele has the opportunity to form the gold and silver in a variety of shapes and thicknesses to create the fluid, tailored, classic style of her hoop earrings, pearl pendants, and cuff bracelets. 

Each piece of jewelry is individually hand-crafted, carefully by Michele, and created specifically for your enjoyment.