Lauran Sundin

Lauran Sundin
Brooksville ME 04617

Sculptural bobbin lace and woven jewelry: although I employ traditional techniques my aim is to use these methods in a way which pays tribute to their traditional roots but brings the techniques into the 21st century. Design Sources: I design and create my patterns and pieces. Inspiration: I use the simplicity of curved organic shapes; but because my technique is actually quite complex I strive to use the concept of Japanese art which stresses that simplicity and elegance of form while paying homage to the technique.

Victoria Varga

Victoria Varga Jewelry
21 Foreside Road
Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110

My work incorporates a unique layering technique with sterling silver and resin. My designs are cut out of sterling silver sheet and surrounded by silver rims. I fill these rims with resin and a variety of materials, 23k gold leaf, pigments, mica or crushed stone to create rich three dimensional inlays. Many of my patterns are inspired by nature but simplified to create clean bold graphics for my jewelry.

Tamberlaine & Stephen Zeh

PO Box 381
Temple, ME 04984
207 778-2351

Our years of hand crafting baskets influence the design and techniques we use in our work in precious metals. Each piece is individually hand fabricated using the techniques of drawing, rolling, beveling, braiding, weaving, wrapping, soldering, and forging.