Erica Moody

Erica Moody | Fine Metal Wares
PO Box 676
Waldoboro ME 04572

I have worked as a metal fabricator for over 20 years, doing mostly commissioned architectural metal work. In 2016 I started allowing myself time to play in my own metal studio and have started to make small metal wares. This has been an exciting opportunity to expand my creativity and joy in my work, as well as show my community more possibilities of not only what I can do, but also what the material and craft can do. I love it’s unique history that incorporates designing and building for a participant that will be another intimate owner and user of the piece, and carrying on the folk tradition of working certain materials and tools by hand. I’m driven by the challenge of creating a peaceful and inspiring daily life for me and hopefully for those around me. I gravitate toward using materials that are simple, such as brass, copper, steel, and reclaimed hardwoods, as opposed to more ornate precious metals. I use a combination of traditional hand working craft techniques and the use of vintage industrial machines to hammer forge, shape, mill, lathe, file, rivet, and sand, to name a few processes.

David Smus

David Smus Sculpture
102 South Rd.
Harmony, ME 04942-7221
207 683-2179

David communicates with the viewer using exquisite form, composition and anatomy as a language that captures the bond between animal and man. Noted for evoking a sense that the spirit of the subject is residing in the medium, his bronzes have been collected by individuals and businesses far and wide. Raising funds with sculpture for a variety of causes, from charitable institutions to conservation organizations, is a rewarding aspect of being an artist for David. “It’s a way to give back and come full-circle in my original commitment to help wildlife and the environment with my life.”
Being in the company of David Smus’ sculpture will arouse emotions, awaken special memories and elicit shared values as you experience the work, thereby completing the process that he began. “I spend hours simply observing wildlife, and feel that I owe such beautiful creatures the dignity of proper representation.”