Autumn Cipala

Autumn Cipala Pottery
Thomaston ME 04861

Autumn Cipala is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Thomaston, Maine. Porcelain has long been her preferred medium as she is drawn to its essential qualities of translucency, luminosity, and strength. She forms each piece by hand on a potter’s wheel and later fires it to 2400° F in a kiln. A balance of clean lines, curves, and volume draw emphasis to the form of each piece. Some are unadorned while others are embellished with patterns that are drawn and carved freehand into the surface of the clay, pierced through the clay, or applied with slip. The quiet beauty of each piece is enhanced with a soft translucent glaze, revealing subtle details. Autumn’s most recent body of work is largely influenced by the combination of her many inspirations; the beauty of her surroundings, her experiences as an exchange artist in Amizmiz Morocco, and her personal research as a curious historian of ceramic objects from many cultures. Autumn Cipala holds a BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and an MFA from University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally.

Stephanie Crossman

Gram J’s Nets
P.O. Box 762
Vinalhaven, ME 04863
207 863-4567

Using the ancient skill of fishnetting, I create bags, purses, shawls and 3 dimensional sculptures from handmade netting of various fibers. I use antique tools passed down to me from my husband’s great-grandmother who taught me the traditional method. Bringing netting into contemporary art has been an interesting journey. My original 3 D designs are transformed into “frozen” sculptures in a method I devised and then are displayed in shadowboxes. They are signed and numbered. They have taken me to the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, DC. The challenge continues to keep netting alive and fresh for generations to come.

Rosemarie DiLernia & Chris Banikiotes

Hand Knotted Jewelry & Watchbands
PO Box 171
Brooks, ME 04921
207 722-3281

We have been tying knots professionally, since 1976 and have by invitation or application, participated in only the finest, juried craft shows in Maine as well as other highly regarded shows throughout the country.
The form of our pieces is created solely by hand knotting fine threads of linen or bonded nylon to form necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watchbands. The semi precious stones we use are drilled, mounted in knot work, using no adhesive.
We, alone, work and complete every aspect of our jewelry pieces. Our designs are unique and appeal to all ages.

Mary Jane Doubleday

Mary Jane Doubleday Jewelry
29 Hatchet Mt Rd
Hope, ME 04847
207 763-3630

Inspired by nature, I work to design elegant, graceful jewelry, then I construct each piece carefully by hand. I want my jewelry to fit and flatter the body, be fun and easy to wear. I hope it will transcend time and fashion,  and bring many years of enjoyment to the wearer.

Randy Fein

Mountain Studio Arts At The Center Studio and Gallery
Lincolnville Center ME 04849
207 763-3433

“Clay is my material of expression. It inspires touch, while offering infinite possibilities for shape and texture. I work in the moment; my hands are my tools. I scratch, pinch, push and press; seeking to discover the life within the shapeless mud.” Randy Fein 2015

Randy Fein has over thirty years of experience in the ceramic arts. Imagining, expressing, and inspiring others about the seduction of clay. The diversity of her ceramic work is evident in the variety of construction and firing techniques she has chosen to master over time. Randy creates wheel thrown, slab built and casted pottery that are both functional and sculptural. These works are often hand painted with lively brush stokes of fluid color. Her expressive ceramic sculptures are inspired by the nature and particularly by the creatures that inhabit of the sea and the sky.
Randy takes on the challenge of working large in clay by creating outdoor stoneware garden sculpture that measure 3- 5 feet tall. Her expertise in working on a grand scale is also evident in her more than 25 large scale relief tile installations permanently placed in corporate, private, and numerous public settings such as, schools, libraries and hospitals. A short list includes: Eastern Maine Medical Center’s 8th floor Pediatrics facility in Bangor, ME., and Maine Medical Center’s Emergency Wing Entrance Hall in Portland, ME., Gorham Middle School in Gorham Maine, plus other sites though out the USA
Randy Fein is has along history as workshop leader in the ceramic arts. She inspires creativity in everyone from Elementary school student to Graduate Students, to retired seniors. Randy Fein is a Teaching Artist listed on the Maine Arts Commission roster for conducting workshops in ceramics through out the state of Maine.
Arts at the Center, in Lincolnville, Maine, is Randy’s primary studio where she offers Ceramic Arts workshops for all age levels. Her experience as a ceramics instructor include: Unity College, in Unity Maine., Castleton State College in Vermont, and Babson College in Wellesley MA.
Randy Fein is the founding director of The ArtFull Gifts Show at Point Lookout Resort, an annual holiday art and craft show featuring 50 premier Maine exhibitors.


Tim Fisher

Fisher Woodworking – Watering Cove Studios

I find a pleasant balance in working with wood. It engages the mind and hands equally. It’s always a stimulating process, beginning with rough boards that often still reflect the form of a tree. A design moves back and forth from paper to plank through the act of machining, hand shaping and finishing, bringing the whole piece to life.

My work is creating spaces for people. In today’s busy world, a charming space can make all the difference in life. A rocker by the stove, a window seat, an office desk — wood adds a warmth absent in so many other materials. And so it’s the medium I’ve chosen to focus my time.

Erwin Flewelling

Nestlewood Birds
43 Oak Drive
Northport, ME 04849
207 338-5309

It gives me great joy to be able to recreate the many birds that surround us daily and many others we don’t often see. I try to do them as true to life as possible. I have had good success doing this and have many awards both locally and country wide. My birds grace a great number of homes all across the U.S. and Canada. You can find many of them at my web site,

Michelle Henning

Henning Porcelain
1686 Harpswell Neck Rd.
Harpswell, ME 04079
207 833-5556


I’ve been working in porcelain since 1991; I’m primarily a self-taught hand-builder. Using porcelain clay, I sculpt jewelry and free-standing curio pieces.

The work is influenced by the amorphous, organic flow of myth, and conversely, by structured, geometric, natural forms.

The creation process includes the use of hand-tools, polychrome slips and underglazes. I use a clear glaze and lusters to enhance textures. The porcelain clay is fired to cone 10 or 11 in an oxidation kiln.


Pamela Hitchcock

Pamela Hitchcock Goldsmith
Belfast, ME 04496

My jewelry is handmade in every sense, individually crafted of 18 karat gold and sterling silver. Each piece is worked by my hands alone, from concept to finish, one piece at a time. Great care is given to detail, resulting in work that is both personal and impeccable. My designs are inspired by the beauty of the natural surroundings in which I live and work. I take great pride in my work and am happy to share it with you.