Rob Brand

Sebago Furniture, LLC
Naples, ME 04055
207 591-4215

Sebago Furniture hand-crafts high quality unique pieces of furniture designed to last generations. I operate a single person studio and each piece is handcrafted by me to insure the finest quality. I believe that furniture designed for the individual has special meaning, and will be treasured by you and your family for generations. Because each piece I make is custom made, individual features can be built in just for you. Each piece is made with the pride of fine craftsmanship, classical precision joinery, and a hand-rubbed finish. I use only the best selection of hardwood to insure proper look and fit. Wood types for the overall piece or for details and accents can be modified to suit your taste. Finishes and stains can also be altered to accommodate your preferences, and use. Minute attention to detail of assembly, sanding, and finishing are all done by me to give you and your family an outstanding piece of furniture that can be enjoyed for generations.
My goal is to make a unique furniture piece to please you, that you will make the best use of in your daily life, and that you and your family will be proud to own for years to come. I make pieces for all the rooms of your home or office. I work with each customer on a one on one basis to capture all of the details for your furniture piece. Drawings are created to show you exactly what the furniture pieces will look like. Before work commences, you approve the drawings to insure accuracy of your ideas.
Sebago Furniture is based in the heart of the Southern Maine Lakes Region. This is a great location for building some of the finest pieces of heirloom furniture you will ever own. For two decades, I have handcrafted hundreds of fine furniture pieces. Many of the pieces are shown on my web site (

Raymond Carbone

Raymond Carbone, Sculptor
460 Pigeon Hill Rd.
Steuben, ME 046802
207 546-2170

Skills learned during 30 years of woodwork and stonework converge in my sculpture. The tidal zone and its rhythm is my dooryard. My work continues to evolve and is influenced by the rich environment surrounding me.

Lanny Dean

Lanny’s Woodturning
Union ME 04862

I began turning as a relaxing hobby in 2009, which soon became a passion. I enjoy finding the beauty as well as functionality in the mostly native woods I use. Burls are my favorite medium due to the ‘surprise’ factor of never knowing just what you will find when you work with them. I find the most enjoyment in allowing the wood to guide me in creating the design.

Tim Fisher

Fisher Woodworking – Watering Cove Studios

I find a pleasant balance in working with wood. It engages the mind and hands equally. It’s always a stimulating process, beginning with rough boards that often still reflect the form of a tree. A design moves back and forth from paper to plank through the act of machining, hand shaping and finishing, bringing the whole piece to life.

My work is creating spaces for people. In today’s busy world, a charming space can make all the difference in life. A rocker by the stove, a window seat, an office desk — wood adds a warmth absent in so many other materials. And so it’s the medium I’ve chosen to focus my time.

Erwin Flewelling

Nestlewood Birds
43 Oak Drive
Northport, ME 04849
207 338-5309

It gives me great joy to be able to recreate the many birds that surround us daily and many others we don’t often see. I try to do them as true to life as possible. I have had good success doing this and have many awards both locally and country wide. My birds grace a great number of homes all across the U.S. and Canada. You can find many of them at my web site,

David Lancaster

Heirloom Bowls
231 Fogg Road Mount Vernon, Maine 04352
207 557-2288

The wooden bowls that I create are made with a strong passion, a keen eye, and a skilled hand. Each one is unique and made to the best of my ability. If you end up with one of my bowls, I sincerely hope it brings you as much satisfaction in using it as it brought me during its creation.

Robert LeHay

LeHay’s Shaker Boxes
161 Station Road
Embden ME 04958

Since 1993, LeHay’s Shaker Boxes has been a proud member of a group of artisans working in early American crafts. While mass-produced, machine-made items have replaced many traditional products, nothing can replace the individuality of an item that has been created by hand using local, all-natural materials. Instantly recognizable, the Shaker box is an iconic piece of American craftsmanship. By concentrating on the functional aspects of an item and omitting unnecessary ornament the Shakers produced timeless designs. Shaker boxes were traditionally used for cooking and sewing supplies, but they can easily hold anything from mementos to electronics while adding warmth and beauty to your space. I chose to create boxes in the Shaker style not only because of their desirability as an antique but also because of their durability and usefulness. My goal is to remain true to Shaker traditions. My products are created using the same craftsmanship that the Shaker community used for over 200 years. My materials are either produced here on my property or come from small, American businesses. I mill my lumber on site from raw maple and pine logs to guarantee the highest quality from start to finish, and the tops and bottoms of all except the largest boxes are quartersawn pine, not veneer. For authentic antique colors I use all-natural finishes including milk paint, dyes, Tung oil and carnauba wax. The boxes are fastened with copper tacks that have been darkened to provide an aged finish. Every part of the boxes is completed individually by my own hands. I believe the act of creating, and helping others to create, is as important as the finished product itself. That’s why I supply not only the boxes, but materials necessary for others to participate in the craft as well. The Shakers were a society of makers. They built what they needed with their own hands from local resources. LeHay’s continues that tradition, creating a quality product that also benefits the local economy, honors local history and passes along the knowledge to future generations.