Chong and Judi Lim

Island Designs
34 Fengler Rd
Scarborough, ME 04074
207 510-1884

Chong draws a design then carves it in reverse (concave) into 1/4″ thick brass or magnesium plates using hammer and self-made chisels.He casts fiberglass into the metal plates to make the convex image or “counter”. Judi attaches the metal plate to a heat plate on the press with the counter opposite on the platen. 80-300 lb paper or 10 mil copper sheets are pressed between the metal plate and counter to produce the embossed design. Watercolor is added to the paper background accented with colored pencil, air brush, brush pen and roll leaf. Copper sheets are colored with heat torch, patina and oil pastel. Judi makes some of the paper used for embossing and with embedded plant material for matting. All matting and framing is done in-studio. Island Designs note cards, matted and framed paper and copper pieces are available at shows, online and at their Island Artisans galleries in Bar Harbor and Northeast Harbor. Mission Statement: We are perpetually enthralled by the beauty of God’s creation here in Maine and we hope that our designs will enrich and bless the lives of our patrons.

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