Lisa Gent

Lisa Gent Handcrafted Jewelry
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

For 30 years now I have made my home in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  The natural beauty that surrounds me is inspiration not only to my work but my being as well.  I love form and texture which play an integral role in my work.
Using traditional metalsmithing techniques in addition to innovative hand forming and forging methods I cut, shape, solder, and finish all my pieces by hand in my studio.  Fine silver and 18k gold are my metals of choice while also working in sterling and all karat golds.   Many pieces feature faceted gem stones or pearls.
I strive to create pieces that are simple yet intriguing to look at and that will stand the test of time. People have been wearing jewelry since the beginning of time. Jewelry can offer us distinction and help to create a sense of self. The handcrafted aspect of jewelry breathes life and character into any piece of work. Seeing the marks a jeweler leaves behind reminds us that someone took the time, they had intentions when the piece was being created. Taking my que from nature I strive to create work that is organic and beckons to be worn.

Jewelry that is timeless while being current.

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