November 2019

The Maine Crafts Guild and the Maine Crafts Association are working to combine all that both organizations have to offer and emerge with a single craft organization supporting our joint missions to better support Maine craft artists and provide a rich variety of opportunities.

We continue to make progress on bringing our two organizations together. The feedback from both members of MCG and MCA as well as the general public has been positive and supportive. As always, we encourage you to reach out to any Transition Team member with feedback; we report this feedback at every meeting.

On November 18th we had our eighth transition team meeting in Portland.

At this recent meeting a considerable amount of work focused on reviewing two new documents in preparation for 2020 systems and policies:
a.Applicant Self-Assessment
b.Juror Rubric

A long discussion of production questions / qualifications followed. It focused on use of components made by other people (employees or non-affiliated people) or manufactured components and equipment not operated by hand (example CNC machine). The discussion included ideas to adopt the ACC standards, to further differentiate from a national standard in support of a higher Maine standard of craftsmanship and to consider a percentage of production in work or production work in booths.

The Transition Team did not decide if or how the self-assessment and rubric will be used, and suggested that the MCA Membership & Standard Committee consider it further, along with a further exploration of these concerns:

If Guild shows will allow work made with new technology / materials
What amount of production in individual products is acceptable
What percentage of production products in a booth is acceptable.

Lizz Berry has moved over from her MCG contract and is now completing all Guild Fine Craft Show work as an MCA employee.
Tyler Gulden reported information from our attorney Rob Levine
There are two options to transfer MCG assets to MCA, decide which one to use.
Set up plan for dissolution and asset transfer (& create a final, formal list of assets)
Once those are settled Rob will complete paperwork

Member Feedback report
Sadie reported reported a concern from craft artists who exhibit regularly in ACC shows, Craft Boston, Philadelphia Fine Craft Show, etcetera who wonder why they would not be accepted to the MCA Guild Level membership or Fine Craft Shows.
Guild Level Memberships registrations have been coming in regularly since the last Team announcement, which is a sign of positive member feedback and support. Thank you!
As always, we thank you for your support during this process.

Lisa Gent – MCG President
Tyler Gulden – MCA President

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