Professional Membership

The Maine Crafts Guild is a statewide organization dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship and the promotion of career development for its Professional Members. The Guild operates several yearly retail shows, distributes Guild and Show advertising statewide, offers optional participation in Co-op magazine ads at deeply discounted rates.

Members are also entitled to preference for booth space at any Guild show, lower booth fees, a listing and business page on our website, copies of our newsletter, use of the Guild’s mailing list, a vote at membership meetings, and access to the members-only online forum where you can learn about current and past guild activities, and chat online with fellow members. The Guild also serves a coordinating function, dealing with other cultural organizations and educational institutions in matters of interest to its members, and as a voice for craftspeople.

Professional Membership in the Maine Crafts Guild is a tenured position and implies a certain level of activism to help manage, develop, and grow the organization. The Guild is run by and for its members. To stay in good standing, a member is required to pay yearly dues, keep the quality of work as juried maintained, and to continue a high level of professionalism in business.

Jury Process

The Maine Crafts Guild provides a three-step process to become a Professional Member. Applications are reviewed throughout the year by our Standards Committee.

Step One: The Image Jury for membership serves as the initial screening of applicants for Professional Membership. This Non-Member Jury Form must be submitted with an upload of your images and a non-refundable $50 application fee.

Applicants who successfully pass the Image Jury will be notified they are eligible for the Object Jury. Object juries will take place at the next Maine Crafts Guild show that the applicant is participating in.

The Object Jury allows the Standards Committee to make a first-hand assessment of the applicant’s work, their display as an exhibitor, and their business practices, to be sure they meet the requirements. Booths must include a three-sided backdrop for in-line booths, no interference with adjacent booths, and a pleasing display of product. The Show where you are Object Juried will also give you the opportunity to meet many of our members and become more familiar with our organization. Applicants accepted to the Object Jury are notified that they are eligible for Professional Membership.

Step Three: The last step is becoming a dues paying member. Annual dues are $100.

Having been accepted as a non-member exhibitor at a previous MCG show does not carry any guarantee as to acceptance by the jury for Professional Membership or to exhibit in shows in any subsequent year.

Download a PDF of our Membership Handbook.

If you would like to apply for Professional Membership, you can do so here.

You can also download an informational paper that might help to read before you begin the application.


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