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We are pleased to announce that the Maine Crafts Guild is an Acadia Centennial Partner in celebration of Acadia National Park’s 100th anniversary in 2016. Details here..

Cathy Heinz – Southern Coast
Second Place – Turtle Love Engagement Ring Design Contest

Judith Lim – Southern Coast
Christkindl Market Best of Show Miscellaneous Category 2015

William Bellows – MidCoast
Rug commissioned at MDI show. It required redesign of an existing pattern to fit the dimensions and colors specified by the customer. It is in a summer home in Seal Harbor, Maine. The price was $1,200.

Christine Peters – MidCoast
Outstanding Achievement Award for Botanical Designs July 2015
Chicago Botanic Garden

David Smus – Western Lakes Mountains & Valleys
I was commissioned to create an original bronze sculpture of two life sized bald eagles in the top of a pine, with a life sized gray squirrel in a hole through the tree. The piece measures about 6 ft. x 5 ft. x 6 ft. High; mounted on a 4 ft. diameter piece of granite all weighing about 1500 lbs. It’s titled “Eagle Point” and was installed on a private peninsula of that name on Sebago Lake, ME; under a large pine tree near the shore where live bald eagles frequently roost (as many as 5 at the same time have been seen there!) The clients let me do a limited edition of 5 and took #1/5 for this site at their “Leeds Gold Certified Green” timber frame lakehouse. The other four will be offered openly for sale.

Lacey Goodrich Southern Coast
3rd place in clay Bruce Museum Craft Festival, Greenwich CT, 2015
One of my itty bitty chicadee vases was purchased to give to this young lady’s great grandmother who was turning 100 that day. I felt that was a special honor for me.

Patricia Daunis-Dunning – Southern Coast
MJSA’s American Vision Awards, 1st & 2nd place for Custom Design of Distinction; DeBeer’s “Diamonds Today” Award; Jewelers of America, “Jewel Award”; Grand Prize and First Prize, Intergold/World Gold Council; First Prize, Gold & First Prize, Silver, Accent Magazine; Excellence in Jewelry Award, American Craft Expo.
A client asked us to make a special neckpiece using stones from four rings, two bracelets and several pendants she no longer wore. It had to be casual and have a clasp that would not easily come apart. We engineered a invisible snapping clasp that locked tight and yet was easy to unlatch.

Lisa Ferreira Jones – Southern Coast
Distinctive Fiber Decorative at the 2015 Craft Boston Holiday Show

Erwin Flewelling – MidCoast
Judges Best in Show, Maine State Sportsman’s Show, Carving Competition, Augusta, Maine, 9 times since 1994.
Many Awards in other shows including the Maine Coast Competition, Belfast, Me., Maine Woodcarvers Competitions , The New England Wildlife Art Show, and several local shows.

Michael Hoy – Western Lakes Mountains & Valleys
Maine Crafts Biannual 1993 Portland Museum of Art
Maine Crafts Biannual 1995 Colby Museum of Art
Maine Crafts L/A Arts 1997 University of Maine Platform Bed with large maple burl headboard – Bethesda Maryland

Linda & Ken Perrin – DownEast & Acadia
New owner at Island Artisans In Bar Harbor, ME a Maine Artisan gallery started by local MDI artists over 30 years ago.

Randy Fein – MidCoast
Scholarship to attend Arrowmount School of Crafts, in Tennessee Ceramics residency teaching assistant 2015
Scholarship to attend Haystack School of Crafts, in Maine Ceramics residency teaching assistant 2014

Addie Peet – MidCoast
For a year I had been working on my “Table Project” which was a floorcloth inspired by my work tables. The paint remaining on all my work tables creates a very unique abstract design over time and I had always loved this, so I covered one of my 4’x8′ tables with canvas, and after a years worth of use, I made it into a floorcloth. This sold at the MDI show last year for $2000 and since then I have made many more just like this which have been popular. This design is special because it tells the story of my studio. What paints I am using, what size pieces I am working on, and it represents how every floorcloth, even with the most uniform and perfect lines in the design, they all experience this unpredictable and abstract foundation during the first stages of creation. It’s new home is in Seal Harbor, Maine.

Mark Guido – MidCoast
Selected as Artist of the year ……Belfast Arts in the Park / July 2016 200 Celebratory pieces for a June 2016 wedding on Great Wass Island Beals, Maine.

Susan Barrett Merrill – DownEast & Acadia
Artist Grant from Maine Arts Commission to support my traveling exhibit Connections: Who Speaks With The Earth

Peter Jones – MidCoast
Third place in ceramics at the 2015 Allentown Arts Festival in Buffalo, NY

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